Best Kimsufi Alternative in the US & Europe

OVH’s Kimsufi lineup is one of the best budget dedicated servers you can get starting from $5/Month. Unfortunately the low price also comes with a bunch of negatives when it comes to choice of locations, network, server customization, etc. Not to mention some of the models are nearly impossible to get hold of – stock disappears in seconds.

Kimsufi servers do have a lot of positive aspects, but since we’re talking about alternatives I’m going to focus on the negatives.

Why you might want an alternative to Kimsufi:

Consumer hardware
Most of the Kimsufi lineup uses consumer hardware which is fine for some purposes, but if you’re planning to host anything close to ‘production’ it’s probably not the best choice.

100Mbps network
Kimsufi servers max out at 100Mbps up & down.

Not the best locations
Kimsufi servers are only available in Canada & France.

Single Disk
All Kimsufi configurations only come with a single drive – so any sort of RAID data protection is out the window.

No Customization
What you see is what you get, the configurations available are all set. You can’t pick a different type of drive, add more ram or even buy additional IPs.

Below I’ve outlined the best Kimsufi alternatives, while there are others I’ve decided to focus on one for the US (an alternative to OVH’s BHS location in Canada) and one for Europe (an alternative to OVH’s GRA & RBX locations in France). – EU Kimsufi Alternative

online is a dedicated server provider based in France with a datacenter in Paris, their servers start at 8 Euros/month (~$9/mo). Pros:

  • Enterprise server hardware
  • Gigabit Port
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Basic DDoS protection
  • Real ticket support
  • Super cheap <$10/mo servers Cons:

  • Setup fees (~$23 setup fee minimum, per server)
  • Minimal server customization
  • Network isn’t as good
  • Limited stock on some models

Where stands out is they offer truly unmetered servers located in Paris. Great servers for a seedbox, etc. They have real ticket support that responds pretty quickly. They have a couple models of each server typically, and allow you to buy things like additional IPs (although they’re pretty expensive). Basic DDoS protection is included, but nothing like what OVH offers. Network is good primarily within Europe.

Major downside is the setup fees, every server has a $20+ setup fee. While the network is unmetered gigabit, the quality of the network isn’t as good as OVH. It’s hard to push gigabit speeds to North America – it seems to be limited to around 150-200Mbps to the US, and depending on your ISP it can be as bad as a few Mbps at certain times of day.

Recommended Model:

  • Dedibox XC 2016
  • Intel Avoton C2750
  • 16GB Ram
  • 1TB or 250GB SSD
  • 1Gbps unmetered
  • Location: Paris, France
  • €15.99/mo (~$18.19)
  • €20 Setup Fee (~$22.75) per server

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